Land Use and Wildlife

7.Land Use & Wildlife

Protecting and restoring biodiversity and creating new natural habitats through good land use and integration into the built environment


To protect and restore biodiversity and create new naturalhabitats through good land use and integration into the built environment. Globally biodiversity loss has reached unprecedented rates as a direct result of human activities. This is a central area of focus for our Natural Sciences and Landscape Architecture students who are deeply involved in raising awareness, and the creation and implementation of solutions locally and internationally.


Our Mt Albert campus sits on 55ha of green space with over1,000 trees many of which are regarded as significant specimens. We arecommitted to an ecological approach to the maintenance of campus grounds andbiodiversity, minimizing herbicide use and providing additional habitats ofconservation value. The redevelopment is an exciting opportunity to implement acampus biodiversity plan and to use this as a learning and teaching opportunity forUnitec students. Our procurementprocesses, will also ensure that Unitec’spreference is for local and certified paper, timber and other products, toavoid having an adverse impact on existing habitats.

Unitec Arboretum 


  • Audit and identify areas within Mount Albert campus of high biodiversity and community value to ensure that protection of key areas is ensured.
  • Develop an ecological approach grounds maintenance of campus grounds, minimizing pesticide use and providing additional habitat of conservation value.
  • Maintain campus tree numbers
  • Increase the Wairaka Stream Macro Invertebrate Community Index (MCI) to 90 by 2020
  • Establish mauriometer biodiversity performance indicators by 2016