Sustainable Water

6.Sustainable WaterUsing water efficiently in buildings. Designing to avoid flooding, drought and water course pollution


Raise awareness about the social and economic benefits of sustainable water consumption. Unitec consumes over 82,000 m3 of water a year. Since 2010 we’ve reduced our water use by over 25,880 m3, that’s enough to fill 10 Olympic sized swimming pools, by replacing leaking water mains and reducing the need for grounds irrigation. Water usage per student was 10.16m3 per student in 2010 and is now 7.770m3.


Involve our students in creating, identifying, producing and selecting sustainable water management solutions and manage our water consumption as sustainably as possible. Reduce total water use to 59,000 m3 per annum and improve the water quality of Wairaka Puna and Oakley Creek.


  • Reduce water consumption to 5.9 m3 / EFTS / year by 2020
  • Reduce total water use to 59,000 m3 per annum or by ≥30% by 202
  • Improve water quality of our receiving environments, Wairaka Puna and Oakley Creek, work with Friends of Oakley Creek and Nga Kaitiakitanga to establish agreed measure by 2015

To reduce water use Unitec is: 

  • Monitoring our water use and
  • Adopting water efficiency specifications which require that all new appliances, fittings and fixtures are water efficient in compliance with minimum NZ Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) star ratings and/or NZGBC Green Star: Education Design & Built 2009 Water Credits.