Sustainable Transport

3.Sustainable Transport

Reducing the need to travel, and encouraging low and zero carbon modes of transport to reduce emissions


The carbon footprint associated with students and staff travelling to and from campus is huge. Staff air travel is also a significant part of our carbon footprint. By consolidating our campus over the next ten years we aim to reduce the need to travel and improve access to sustainable transport options.


Promote videoconferencing and remote meetings to minimize the need for staff travel. Encourage carpooling, install bike racks and introduce a staff bike fleet. Promote green transport options in collaboration with Auckland Transport (AT) including: public transport, shuttles, fuel efficient driving, car-pooling, video-conferencing, e-learning and working from home. Provide quality facilities to encourage sustainable commuting options –e.g. showers, lockers, drying rooms, bike lock ups.

To reduce transport generated by Unitec and our carbon footprint we:

  • Provide free shuttles – preventing >132,000 individual vehicle trips in 2013
  • Signed up >250 staff and students to carpool with 39 free carpool priority carparks on campus
  • Installed 250 additional bike racks
  • Have a staff bike fleet
  • Have piloted a student village bike fleet
  • Improved fleet fuel efficiency – reducing diesel use 0.94% (3,761 litres) in 2013 and petrol use 15.09% (8,794 litres) in 2013 and 23% from 2010 (25,138 litres) saving 58.8 tonnes of carbon
  • Survey staff and students to determine current travel methods and plan improvements
  • Conduct annual vehicle fleet audit/review
  • Promote green transport options to staff and students in collaboration with Auckland Transport: public transport, shuttles, fuel efficient driving, car-pooling, video-conferencing, e-learning, working from home


  • ≥ 80% of students choosing sustainable transport to travel to campus by 2020
  • Reduce air travel carbon emissions by 30% by 2020
  • Reduce air travel carbon emissions by 10% by 2016
  • Fossil fuel free fleet by 2020
  • All new fleet vehicles must exceed 5* fuel efficiency rating by 2016

Make a difference:

  • Use green transport: walk, cycleuse the Unitec shuttlebus, train, carpool, teleconference, skype or Moodle
  • Drive to maximise fuel economy – avoid hard accelerating and braking, pump up tyres, reduce load in boot, keep windows shut over 80km/hr, avoid short trips and peak congestion.