Zero Waste

2.Zero Waste

Reducing waste, reusing where possible, and ultimately sending zero waste to landfill


We’re committed to reducing our waste 30% by 2016 (from a 2010 baseline), with a 5% reduction per annum. In 2014 we sent 312.6 tonnes of waste to landfill, a 24.3% reduction from 2010. The goal is to send zero waste to landfill by 2040.


Some of the initiatives we’ve introduced include: food waste compost collections, plastic film and expanded polystyrene recycling, and mixed recycling for glass, cans and plastics. We’re working towards bin-less office spaces, more recycling stations and water bottle refilling stations. We’re also committed to buying recyclable or compostable products and introducing construction waste recycling.

We currently divert 29% of our waste for recycling and 6% for composting. In 2014 we sent over 321 tonnes of waste to landfill. Waste audits have shown that up to 70% of the waste being sent to landfill could be recycled.

  • Zero Waste to Landfill by 2040
  • Reduce waste to landfill by 30% by 2016
  • Reduce waste to landfill by 5% per annum
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Recycling Station
You can help make a difference by:
  • Having a waste free lunch
  • Looking for creative ways to reduce the amount of waste your produce
  • Using Unitec’s compost and recycling bins
  • Lodging an FM HELP request  to order extra recycling bins or signage
  • Lodging an FM HELP request  to organise extra recycling bins for events or office clean outs