Te Pukenga draft sustainability strategy

Get involved to be a part of key strategic conversations 

Sustainability and Wellbeing at Unitec is part of a continuous improvement practice – the prioritisation and details of its impacts will keep changing as Unitec transitions with the Te Pukenga model and our context also changes.    

Learning and Teaching will be a big focus of Te Pukenga Sustainability Strategy over the next two years. Unitec has a part to play in sharing experience with sustainably matters and role modelling the transition to a zero carbon, zero waste, healthy community.  

Unitec and Te Pukenga 

Unitec and its partners have a key role to play in the current development of Te Pukenga’s Sustainability Strategy.  

  • Advocating for sustainability goals within Te Pukenga framework 

Carbon zero commitments 

Unitec has sustainability insights and expertise to share at the local and national level on the transition to a zero-carbon economy. 

  • Lobbying government on Zero Carbon goals and action 


Te Pūkenga Operating Model engagement  


If there are issues of strategy or lobbying you would like to see action taken in 2022, please be in touch. 

Email the Sustainability and Wellbeing team directly at connect@unitec.ac.nz  


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To get in touch with the team, please email connect@unitec.ac.nz