Sustainability at Unitec

Our world is changing fast, impacted by hugely disruptive forces as well as emerging possibilities for positive change. It is not just the global impact of pandemic or climate disruption that is reshaping our world, but the emergence of new greener technologies and the resurgence of traditional knowledge and values that present new opportunities.

As a future-focused institution, Unitec  strives to do its part in building a sustainable society that avoids further systemic degradation of nature and removes socio-economic obstacles to people meeting their needs.  To be agent of positive economic and social change means that first and foremost, our staff and students should come to view Unitec as environmentally and socially responsible. 


Sustainability is not an optional add-on but a fundamental value under-pinning our organisational purpose of enabling a better future for students, communities, and public and private enterprise.

Unitec wants to be part of the solution to climate change and is working towards targets for continual improvement in our ecological impact. We are on track to achieve our 30% carbon footprint reduction by 2030, as measured from the 2014 baseline. See more here. 

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Meet the team

Sustainability  and Wellbeing at Unitec is facilitated by two dedicated staff, a volunteer staff and student group, the Sustainability Club, and volunteer Wellness facilitators. Half of our work is spent on social sustainability (coordinating the wellness programme, delivering workshops on managing risks to mental health, being part of the working groups on workload modelling, flexible work policy, and Diversity & Inclusion strategies.  Unitec’s wellbeing strategy is part of our sustainability strategy. 

The Sustainability and Wellbeing Team is responsible for:

  • Engaging staff and students in projects that demonstrate the integrated nature of sustainability and help reach Unitec’s sustainability goals
  • Working with internal and external stakeholders to reduce Unitec’s environmental footprint
  • Partnering across the organisation to implement Unitec’s Wellbeing Strategy and it’s three objectives

The team partners across the organisation to support other’s efforts and grow participation in events across Unitec that showcase sustainability principles in action.

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5 Goals for Sustainability and Wellbeing  

Unitec has a five-point sustainability strategy for teaching, research, collaboration and greening our campus. We’ve set targets to make smart use of resources, improve our ecological impact and reduce our carbon footprint, with particular focus on energy, waste, sustainable travel and low carbon technologies.  

This plan is guided by Te Noho Kotahitanga principles and recognising our collective responsibility for the future of Unitec and the wellbeing of our communities.  

Unitec’s five strategic goals are based on the One Planet Living principles and the Natural step framework. Discover more here.  


Further Resources  

Sustainability at Unitec is guided by the principles of Te Noho Kotahitanga and the Unitec Nations Sustainable Practices of Higher Educational Institutions  


To get in touch with the team, please email  

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To get in touch with the team, please email